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Signing of the collaboration agreement between BRAVOLEUM, HACIENDA EL PALO and SEPLA (Spanish airline Pilots union)


  • acuerdo bravoleum sepla

Bravoleum, Hacienda el Palo extends borders by signing a collaboration agreement with SEPLA (Spanish airline Pilots union). A trade union representing about 6000 commercial pilots working for airlines based in Spain. Currently there are many union sections that belong to SEPLA in which Iberia stands out, the most numerous, as well as Vueling, Air Europa, Ryanair, Air Nostrum, Norweigian, Inaer Helicopters, Swiftair, Panair, Easyjet, Cygnus Air and Pasives.



Thanks to this collaboration agreement, Bravoleum through the website of SEPLA, will sell your extra virgin olive oil. An opportunity to make known its products and novelties among its thousands of affiliates, who will enjoy great advantages when ordering.