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About us


Aceites Hacienda el Palo is a benchmark company in the olive oil market due to the quality of its products. At present we are internationally recognised by having one of the top 5 oil mills in the world as far as the oil quality that is treasured within.

This recognition is fruit of our efforts to strive for excellency in our oils.

From the very first day we understood that our goal as a company could only be reached day by day with continuous and tireless efforts of wanting to be the leader within the market and by having the means to investigate and develop the way of always being at the peak of our customers’ demands and tastes.

We understand olive oil as a means not as an end. We firmly believe that’s its consumption goes beyond a need to use it as a must in the healthiest of diets, becoming an instrument to reach the maximum satisfaction of our senses.

«Our dream and our know-how is above anything and is the reason for the quality of our EVOO»
Aceite de oliva

We have presence in many countries, from top-notch gourmet shops to the most prestigious chain stores in the world. We adapt our products to their needs.

This way we guarantee the maximum quality of all our extra virgin olive oils.

Hacienda Bravoleum

Production process



Harvesting is the last step of a year-round cycle. We are very much committed to our olive trees. By pairing experience and innovation our methods in nurturing the olive trees pay special attention to cutting, irrigation and the nutrients needed by the tree to provide the best possible fruit.

This way, late October or early November olive-harvesting starts: an early harvest together with an optimum matureness are two of the most important points in producing a quality extra virgin olive oil.

Máquina aceite


At the mill we start by cleansing the olive, withdrawing the leaves and small stalks. Once clean the fruit is placed in stainless steel hoppers for its immediate milling.

The outcome is the formation of larger drops of oil made up from smaller drops. After this process centrifuging of the obtained pulp takes place. The different density of the pulp´s elements, thanks to the centrifugal force, allows for the less heavy ones (oil) to remain in the interior of the centrifuging machine and the heavier ones (alpeorujo) are driven to the exterior.

In our Mediterranean culture it is an essential foodstuff in our diet, either raw or cooked and it is an excellent food preservative.
Decantación aceite

Olive oil and health

The health benefits olive oil offers are known since ancient times. It has many positive effects upon our health, being very widely used in traditional medicine due to its therapeutic properties, which modern science acknowledges nowadays.

The special properties each oil has are determined by the variety of the olive. Picual variety prevails among Jaen´s olive groves and the oil obtained from it step by step positions itself in the EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) quality market as the excellent product it is. One of its most important advantages is its stability against oxidisation, retaining all its characteristics during a longer period of time and therefore being a great natural preservative.

Vaso de cata de aceite

Olive oil tasting.

Oil tasting consists of catching through your senses and perceiving the virtues and defects (positive and negative features) of an olive oil, in order to determine its quality and fineness. Many factors may influence this: the variety of the olive tree, the soil composition, the area´s climate, the care taken when harvesting, the time taken from picking until milling, the actual milling and deciding together with the manufacturing parameters the peak point in the process.

The Team

  • Director financiero
  • Director financiero
Antonio Fernández Quíros
  • Encargado de almazara
  • Encargado de almazara
Jose Luis Martos Ávila
  • Director comercial
  • Director comercial
Juan Antonio Martos Ávila
  • Maestro Almazara
  • Maestro Almazara
Antonio García Martos
Mill master
  • Jefe planta de envasado
  • Jefe planta de envasado
David Villareal Montañés
Packaging plant
  • Logistica
  • Logistica
Rodrigo Gómez Martos
  • Director agronomico
  • Agronomía
Miguel Navarro Ramírez