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Oleoturismo en Jaén

Oleotourism in Jaén

Aceite de oliva

Visit our oil mil. Harvesting is the last step of a year-round cycle. We are very much committed to our olive trees. By pairing experience and innovation our methods in nurturing the olive trees pay special attention to cutting, irrigation and the nutrients needed by the tree to provide the best possible fruit.

This way, late October or early November a olive-harvesting starts: an early harvest together with an optimum matureness are two of the most important points in producing a quality extra virgin olive oil.



Family Oleotour

Description. Visit our plant and taste our products.

Price: 15€ adults and 9€ children.

For more information please contact us.



Oleotour Bravo

Description. Visit to our facilities, tasting EVOO and catering products.

Price: 15€ adults and 9€ children.

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