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Anchovies Pez&Co

"The only anchovy in high-end extra virgin olive oil"

Cántabrico anchovy fillets in Bravoleum Extra virgin olive oil (picual variety), Pez&Co anchovies, are spring fishing, respecting the traditional fishing gear and preserving the marine reserves of the Cantabrico Sea. Elaboration 100% manual and artisanal. Bathed in olive oil Bravoleum, of the picual variety, improves and enhances the final flavor of the anchovy.




EVOO Picual

  • Anchoas y aceite de oliva virgen extra
  • Anchoas con AOVE
Bonito Laminate

"The most juicy way to eat the loins"

Our loins of Bonito of the North, fish one by one with cane in the Cantabrian Sea, are laminated and carefully placed in the can where they bathe in extra virgin olive oil Bravoleum Picual variety. In this way, the oil penetrates better in the meat of the loins improving the texture, enhancing the flavor and the properties with the passage of the time.

EVOO Picual

  • laminado de bonito pez and co con aceite de oliva
  • Bonito del norte en aceite de oliva virgen extra
Tuna Belly of the North

"double Luxury on the palate"

The most exclusive and tasty part of the bonito of the north in a wide can where the whole piece of belly is carefully placed and bathed in extra virgin olive oil Bravoleum of Picual variety. Adding more softness, flavor and further enhances the already appreciated culinary and nutritional properties of Bonito's womb.

EVOO Picual

  • Lata de ventresca de bonito del cantabrico en aceite de oliva
  • Lata de ventresca de bonito del cantabrico en aceite de oliva
Seaweed salad

"Sea vegetables ready to eat"

A mixture of 170gr of three varieties of atlantic algae bathed in extra virgin olive oil Bravoleum variety Arbequina. Made in Galicia in an ecological way. 

The chosen algae have a soft sea flavor, with fleshy texture reminiscent of vegetables such as green beans. They are rich in vitamins, trace elements, fiber and high quality proteins.

Ready to eat are the perfect accompaniment of fish, seafood and soups, as well as the note of color, flavor and sophistication in tapas and canapés.

EVOO Arbequina

  • Ensalada de algas del atlantico con aove
  • ensalada de algas del cantabrico con aceite de oliva virgen extra
Cantabrian anchovies

"exquisite and juicy"

Our Cantabrian anchovies are hand-made according to the traditional method and the classic Cantabrian recipe. Bathed with Extra Virgin Olive Oil Bravoleum, with garlic and parsley, enhancing its flavor and its properties.

  • Boquerones del Cantábrico