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Bravoleum Picual in the Top25 in the 4th Edition of the best birds of Spain, Iberoleum 2019


  • Top 25 para Bravoleum en Iberoleum 2019


Last week, the results of Iberoleum 2019 were announced. This 4th Edition, held at the Center for Interpretation Olivar and Oil of Úbeda, has been extremely complicated by the excellent quality of the more than 200 Aoves presented.


On this occasion the tasting has also been individually and the maximum concentration of the tasters has been ensured at the time of their assessments. It is a process that guarantees the reliability of the results since it is a computerized profile sheet that avoids any mistake.


In this third edition, our Picual has been scored with 94 points, thus getting on the list of the 25 best birds in Spain. We are very proud to be part of this cover letter for anyone who wants to deepen our heritage treasure, which makes us different from the rest of the world.