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Award for the best oil of the 2018-2019 olive campaign for BRAVOLEUM


  • Bravoleum premio al mejor aceite de España


The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food awards the “Food Award from Spain Best Extra Virgin Olive Oils, 2018-2019 campaign”.


According to the press release of March 28, 2019, the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food has announced the result of the Food Award of Spain Best Extra Olive Oils, and awards the following awards to BRAVOLEUM:

  • The oil that has received the highest organoleptic score and therefore has won the Special Food Award from Spain has been presented by Explotaciones Jame, S. L., of Villargordo (Jaén) - BRAVOLEUM.
  • In the modality of "Bitter Green Fruity", in this edition the prize has been awarded to the oil from the oil mill: Explotaciones Jame, S. L., from Villargordo (Jaén) - BRAVOLEUM. This oil is defined as very intense fruity green olives, with notes of grass, leaf, tomato and alloza and other fruits such as apple and citrus. The palate is slightly sweet, bitter and spicy, medium-high intensity, balanced and almond. It is an oil of great complexity due to its variety of nuances and high persistence.


These awards are intended to revalue the highest quality Spanish virgin olive oils, and encourage producers to develop and market these oils, as well as to promote the image and position of the olive oil market, and promote knowledge among consumers. and assessment of its sensory characteristics.

With these awards, nothing more than recognizing the development of a Premium product that recognizes excellence in each of its manufacturing phases.