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Bravoleum's new canned format


Bravoleum Hacienda El Palo oils completes the launch on the market of a new can format with a capacity of 100 milliliters for those consumers who want, for example, to send olive oil as a souvenir to a relative or acquaintance or to transport it himself in his own suitcase. Hence the company's decision to expand its range of products, opting for a new resistant, hermetic, lightweight and small container. A gift or a personal whim of the most colorful and striking that gives class and packaging to a product that, in any case, keeps the best inside, as the experts and clients of the company have recognized year after year.

The wines from the Bravoleum winery, internationally recognized as one of the five best in the world, will be on sale in this new tin format in the coming days, both at physical points of sale and in the company's online store.


There will be five models available, one for each variety that it offers (Picual, Picual ecological, Arbequina, Frantoio and Nevadillo), and each one will be decorated with its characteristic color. The commitment to this new concept of packaging EVOO is not accidental. In addition to the virtues already mentioned, we cannot forget that the can container, by not allowing light to pass through, allows the oil to be preserved for much longer without losing its properties.

On the other hand, this new range of products gives Bravoleum Hacienda El Palo a plus in its decided commitment to sustainability throughout the production process. From harvesting to grinding through distribution. And we are talking about a material that can be fully recycled to become new aluminum products, either to decorate or be reused in some corner of the house.