Rated among what is known as Top-of-the-Range Extra Virgin Olive Oils, this Picual variety oil comes from our family estates.

Obtained from October to November and by means of cold extraction, this oil is pleasant on the palate, slightly spicy and bitter which makes flavours of green olive, sweet almonds, tomato or even banana fruitiness leave a unique taste.


This juice coming from the arbequina variety is also part of those Premium or Top-of-the-Range Extra Virgin Olive Oils.

Obtained from October to November and by cold extraction, with an average fruitiness, very balanced concerning bitterness and pungency, sweet, which reminds us of nuts, great to be used in sauces, creams and confectionery.

Excellent when eaten raw in our traditional 'panaceite' and to match
with other foods given that it becomes a great  flavour booster, enhancing
every nuance in the dish.

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Tasting notes.

This oil shows a Green fruitiness whit the hints of other fruits such as banana‭. ‬It´s organoleptics properties are reminiscent of the‭ ‬“picual”‭ ‬variety whit the hints of green grass‭.‬

Also appear the banana peel‭, ‬almond‭, ‬artichoke and green tomato‭. ‬It has a slight bitterness and purgency a bit more intense‭, ‬presenting sweetness even though the intensity‭ ‬is balanced‭.‬

Product information Bravoleum (Spanish) - Download PDF

Tasting notes.

Es un aceite con un frutado verde medio-alto. Presenta aromas intensos de almendra y plátano. Tiene ligeras notas de otros frutos secos y tomate.

En boca se acentúan los sabores de la almendra y el plátano. Tiene muy poco amargor y un picor ligero y agradable. Se trata de un aceite muy dulce. 

 Product information Bravoleum (Spanish) - Download PDF

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