The operation of the oil mill, located in the Eastern part of the estate Hacienda el Palo, dates back to year 1,941 although through a change in ownership, the family-owned company Explotaciones Jame, S.L., by means of a small business, is the one which has operated and managed the oil mill since 2,001. From this mill, we work every day to improve efficiently the production process and particularly, to achieve excellence in our product.

Explotaciones Jame, S.L. make and package their Extra Virgin Olive Oil and their juices are commercialised under two  brands: Hacienda El Palo Oils and Bravoleum. Special Selection of Oils Hacienda el Palo.

The family Martos Ávila have been devoted to olive growing for 4 generations and once they supported the construction of this mill to address the grinding needs of their own harvest.

Eventually it was considered appropriate to mill for external olive collectors in the area to make a better use of their facilities. Thus, the very business development leads us as far as today with a wide range of olive growers in our area who trust our company to extract the oils from their olives, besides our own family harvest, legacy of many years of toil and effort. 

Our close relationship with olive collectors allows us to control and monitor their harvest up to the time of milling.

The main distinctive element of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil that we make and package lies in the fact that it largely comes from our own olive groves, what provides us with full control over the production. The modern machinery in our Mill allow us to process all the olives that olive-pickers harvest in a given day, ensuring this way that the oil will keep all its aroma and country-fresh flavour which characterises the safe olive that is freshly picked. 

That way, we guarantee the highest quality in our oils.

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